Flashlight Render in Fusion 360


flashlight-v93 flashlight-v94

Sometimes I do personal projects to learn something new.  In this case I am learning how to use Autodesk’s “Fusion 360”.  For about a decade I have used Autodesk’s “Alias”.  It is really good for surface modeling, but I find myself doing more consumer products which don’t need as much “surface styling” but rather functional details.  Being new to Fusion, these small scale very simple projects are a fun way of learning the software.  This was an evening’s worth of free-styling a flashlight design.  I based it off of the CR123 cell battery.  In reality the head of the light would need to be longer to accommodate all of the circuitry, but it was fine for a quick model.

Project Details

Client : Personal Project
Date : 12/17/2016
Skills : CAD