Innovation “Revolution Truck”

This was a project I did while working at Daimler Trucks North America.  We essentially designed an “extended cab” class 8 truck, with provisions for a minimalist fold down bed and a design that caters to the short to medium haul applications.

I wanted to push the design of this truck to the point it would be a bit controversial, and it was.  I fought hard to get the nose as short as possible to almost resemble a COE style truck.  It didn’t get as short as I had hoped, but still extremely short.

I designed aggressive side fairings with provisions for added cooling, and a radiator for an APU.  This was really a test bed for full LED lighting in trucks, and the units are used today in commercial use.

The design was meant to push the boundaries of truck design for the US market in order to gain recognition as a leader in technology.  The new Cascadia has small hints of this truck in it’s exterior and the styling of this truck set a very high tech direction for years to come.

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Project Details

Date : 2010