Rokon Rendering February 18, 2017



I was doing some research on the old Rokon 2wd motorcycle the other day and decided to do a modern interpretation of it.  It’s a pretty unique bike with very little rear suspension, a low center of gravity, and front suspension that allows the front wheel to be powered.  On some models, the power to the front wheel is disabled when you turn it past a certain point, so that the front end doesn’t slip out.

Earlier I had done a couple of really rough drawings in my sketchbook to “learn the proportions” of this bike.

This video actually shows the second iteration of the rendering as I overlay the original to get the basic proportions and lines.  Once I get the basic ball point pen lines in, I block in the values with the grey markers, then at the colors.  I render it with the simple philosophy that light is above the vehicle, so I leave highlights facing up.



To make this rendering, I used Letraset Marker paper, which is a high quality bleed “resistant” marker paper.  It’s pretty much bleed proof until you lay down a bunch of wet marker, then it can bleed, so put down some scrap paper behind it to keep it from ruining more sheets, it’s expensive stuff.

I used AD Markers, Ohuhu Markers, Prismacolor pencils, and a cheap ball point pen.

This drawing was a perfect profile view, so I only needed circle guides for the wheels and tires.





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